Georgetown Waterfront | Family Portrait Photographer | December in Washington, DC

The early morning sun was amazing, shining through the clouds like a photographer's dream! I had so much fun with this family who are only based in DC for the year and wanted memories in their adopted neighborhood. 

We got so lucky with nice weather on a December weekend, then again it's Washington, DC and just as unpredictable as a toddler forced to have its pictures taken. Luckily, this toddler was the best!

He was fun loving and drawn to the camera. He tried his hardest to just keep walking, and cried for just a second when he lost his balance and fell. I have to say, I'm a sucker for kids with bright blue eyes who come up to me and want a hug. It's hard to take pictures when you are so EASILY distracted. I admit it, I'm a baby-watching addict! You should have seen me in Japan!! (More to come on that when I blog our trip!)

I know it has taken me forever to share these photos, but with the holidays, a cross-country move, and two international trips I've been a little busy. But be prepared, there is plenty more where this came from, including my second international engagement session and first California session!!!