Kate and Anup | Old Town Alexandria & Jones Point, Virginia | Engagement Session

I learned a huge photographer lesson from this engagement shoot, set a time for a sunrise shoot with a back up time incase the weather is supposed to be cloudy. No need to wake up at the crack of dawn for clouds that will still be there in a few hours...

Luckily, Kate and Anup were not phased. I arrived a few minutes (just a few) early for this shoot and they were standing there, ready to go, with their travel coffee mug in hand. I knew then that they were ready for business, and I was so thankful! They were up for every prompt I threw at them!! I think the most fun was when I asked them to jump up and down like they had just won the lottery. They even withheld their excitement until a car drove by! 

I'm so glad I got this time with them, especially getting to learn that there are more people like me out there! Kate, like I, looks to Anup often and says "kiss me." I can't tell you the number of times I do this to Brian! I'll lean (or not) and request that he kisses me. Sometimes I'll just stick my hand in his face and he know automatically what to do. Which is funny when I am reaching for something and he mistakes it for a kiss request! 

This was my first shoot with my new Canon Mark III and I'm so excited I had it! I can totally see the difference in quality and am so glad I get to share it with these two!! 

A special shout out and thank you to Sonam for introducing and recommending me to Kate and Anup!! Cannot wait until June!! 

They went to the Big Wheel Bikes on their first date. 

You can't go to Old Town Alexandria without stopping through for photos on a cobblestone road. 

We also went down to Jones Point Lighthouse! Discovering new places is one of the best parts of this gig. I had no idea such a great and scenic park was right in my backyard! 

I obviously have a thing for Kate's laugh!! 

And, yes, that ring looks just as breathtaking in real life.