Lital & Garrett | Washington, DC

Happy FIRST anniversary to these two! 

Nearly two years ago I had the pleasure of joining Lital and Garrett in Georgetown for an engagement shoot on the Potomac. Then on this day last year, the two got married! Garrett and I have been colleagues for almost five years now...oh how time flies!  

In 2014, Garrett told me he was planning to propose to Lital and asked if I could be there to capture the moment. Of course, I agreed! Little did Lital know that at the end of her first 5k a group of friends were waiting with signs. They carefully coordinated arrivals and routes in order to avoid accidentally running into Lital. Garrett, who also ran the 5k, ran ahead. When Lital approached the finish line, the race organizers played an Israeli love song, and Garrett got down on his knee and popped the question! 

Lital was shocked! She promptly said YES!  

Not only did I get the opportunity to capture their proposal, Garrett and Lital later asked me to take their engagement photos, and I was beyond honored to do so! 

I was so excited when they showed me the pennant they brought! They met at Brandeis University when they were undergrads and really wanted to highlight its significance in their lives and relationships! This was the perfect portrait session prop! Bringing a prop is something all couples should consider brainstorming with their photographer.

Garrett's Japanese roots definitely came through with the use of The Great Wave as a backdrop and an origami crane as a ring holder. The two of them even created a crane backdrop for their wedding day and went to Japan for their honeymoon! 

When asked what advice they had for newly-engaged couples, Garret and Lital said: 

"Take a look at wedding traditions in your families and find ways to weave in traditions that are meaningful to you on your wedding day. Our favorite part about wedding planning was incorporating different family, cultural and religious traditions into a ceremony and reception that reflected our heritages. We also used objects, old and new, from family members and friends, that made our day even more unique to us. Also, signature cocktails are always a big hit!"