Montmartre Food Tour | Paris, France | February 2018

The more we travel, the more we realize that our number on goal is to eat good food then do all the other things. If we don’t experience the culture through food, we feel like the trip was a big incomplete.

Of course, in traveling to Paris we knew we had to learn more about what makes Parisian food. In searching for a croissant baking class (because let’s be real I’m addicted to baking) I came across Secret Food Tours. While it was a bit steep in terms of costs (90 euros a person), it was well worth it. We did the Montmarte midday tour and got to try so much food while learning a lot from our tour guide. I loved how he contextualized everything from baguettes, to cheese, to wine and crepes deep into French and Parisian history. At the end the guide took us to a small bistro, Le Petit Moulin and gave us even more food!!

I’m not going to give anything away, but I highly recommend doing this tour!

In France, in order for a bread to be called a baguette, it must be exactly 250g.

Being a wine connoisseur, the tour guide taught us how to properly taste wine.

If you aren’t going to do a food tour, I still recommend traveling up to the Montmartre neighborhood and walking around!

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