Old Town | Alexandria, Virginia

Old Town | Alexandria, Virginia

When Lauren texted Alix, Heidi, and I (her favorite people) to tell us she would be in town,  we all responded quickly and excitedly!




Lauren moved to New York City this past summer and this would be the first time we would all be back together again! It took no time for us to agree on Old Town Alexandria as our meeting place, where we could enjoy fall and "do something that feels like walking around CW (Colonial Williamsburg) with hot apple cider." 

"#intoit," responded Heidi.  

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia | Maral Noori Photography | Fall Travel Blogger and Lifestyle Photogrpaher

Out of the blue, Heidi put her hand in her bag and produced some cheese as if from thin air. We were just as surprised as you all are. Turns out, Heidi's dad gave her some Appalachian Cheese to share with us. So we decided to get a baguette from Le Pain Quotidien to enjoy the cheese while we roamed. Neither the bread, nor the cheese, let us down. Both were delicious. Thank you Heidi, and Mr. Schoomaker. 

With our bread and cheese in hand, we went over to Anthropologie to wander, explore new candles/scents, and find some goodies! I got a great skirt on sale and Heidi bought a great candle. I could literally spend hours in Anthropologie and have to demonstrate a lot of self-constraint to not buy everything...especially for my house! Their home goods section is AMAZING...

While we missed the photographer's ideal..."golden hour," I still got to take some great shots of these beautiful ladies. I mean, look at them! 

I even got each of them new LinkedIn head shots! 

Thank you ladies (and Brian) for such a wonderful afternoon! Love you all and I CANNOT wait until next time!!

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