Our Last Day in Paris | February 2018

Visiting Paris was a dream.

On the last day, Brian had work related stuff so I grabbed my camera and headed out. Here are some photos I captured while walking and without anywhere to be. It’s so nice to have time to roam, get lost, and explore! Mind you, I hate being a lone and love traveling with my husband, but where else can you be alone but Paris?

I made sure to visit Angelina Paris. I heard they had amazing hot chocolate, but the lines are always long. Luckily, I was alone on a Monday morning and got seated right away. And yes, the hot chocolate was decadent and wonderful! Highly recommend.

Really, my visit to Angelina was like a little Valentine’s brunch. Unfortunately, Brian and I were apart last year during Valentines, but of course, we had seen Paris as it prepared for the holiday. Just look at the pastries and window design!

Notice all the door photos, I love doors. I’m considering selling prints of my door photos as well as other travel shots, if there is any interest!

When heading to Paris Brian and I got some guidance from my best friend, Caitlin (who has lived in Paris for over five years and is married to a Parisian), for where to stay! She recommended several places, including the 5th arrondissement, which is where we found Hôtel André Latin.

Not only was the lobby wonderfully decorated, the staff were super friendly, and the room was good! I mean, not big by any means, but a great location, walkable, and with a bar/coffeeshop on the first floor.

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  • Visit Angelina Paris for hot chocolate and pastries.

    • I think they take reservations!

  • Walk everywhere!

  • Stay at Hôtel André Latin and enjoy the first floor bar and coffeeshop.