Ryan and Otylia | Union Market Engagement | Washington, DC

The drive up to this session was beautiful. The wind was blowing the fall leaves off of the trees as if it was snowing. The only problem was, my car was being blown side to side, I did not dress well (because when I left my house it was warm and not windy outside), and I had an engagement session to do!

Luckily, Otylia and Ryan are troopers and when I got to Union Market we swung around the back of the building and started the session right away. While it was freezing and the storm clouds were rolling in, Otylia embraced the wind as if she was Beyonce performing on stage and Ryan was prepared (as he always is) with his witty humor and on command puns. 

To my dearest blog followers (all four or five of you), just know that if you are planning an engagement or portrait session (or even a wedding) and are worried about impending weather doom, know that as long as you and your photographer are willing and creative, you can always make it work

I'd like to give a a special shout out to Adobe Lightroom for helping me "brighten" such a cloudy day! 

A special thank you to Union Market DC for letting us roam around and take pictures, Salt and Sundry for inspiring the shot of the ring and my desire for more dinosaur goods in my home, the owner of Cordial for not turning us away when we asked to use his wine wall as a backdrop, and the people of Rappahannock Oyster Bar for the delicious oyster chowder, oysters, and drinks!