Sonam and Raj | College of William and Mary Engagement | Williamsburg, Virginia

Some of my best memories are from the years I spent at the College of William and Mary. So many love stories have generated there, and Sonam and Raj's love story is just one of them. Though they are based in Boston, Sonam reached out to me some time back to see if I'd be available for a fall shoot in "The Burg." Of course, I couldn't say no! 

They were by far one of the easiest couples to photograph. Firstly, they showed up in perfect green and gold outfits, William and Mary's school colors. Raj was cracking jokes, left and right, making us all laugh. (Brian was, of course, my "assistant") And, they had such a happy spirit that it was easy to capture beautiful candid moments, and some posed jumping photos, of the day!  

We started at the Crime Dell Bridge, made our way through the Sunken Gardens, to the Wren Building, and ended at The Cheese Shop to celebrate with some bubbly. 

Here are just a few of the many photos I sent them! Enjoy! 

Raj and Sonam Crim Dell BW