Carrie and Kyle | Tokyo Imperial Palace Engagement | Japan

Earlier this month, Brian, Becca, and I returned from a family vacation to Japan where we were visiting Brian's sister, Carrie.

Carrie is a badass, helicopter flying pilot in the Navy! But soon, we will have two helicopter pilots in the family.

Do you think I can convince them to retire to the Caribbean with Brian and I where we can run a flying & photography experience business? Just an idea...

A week before we flew to Japan, Kyle asked Carrie if she wanted to enjoy the nice weather and go for a walk to their local park. Mind you, this is a suburban Japanese city just an hour out of Tokyo where every park is perfectly pruned, just as you'd imagine. Little did Carrie know that Kyle had a secret something in his jacket pocket. When they got to what we can now call "their spot," Carrie noticed that Kyle's chest jacket pocket was opened, so she zipped it up.

Kyle turned red! He was nervous and she just zipped up the ring he was about to pull out. Carrie noticed something was wasn't right. In the end, Kyle unzipped his jacket, pulled out the ring, and told Carrie how he hoped she'd be his partner for life. Well, when you see this ring, you will see why she definitely said yes!

Haha, just kidding Kyle's pretty great too! 

Of course, when I found out Kyle was going to ask Carrie to marry him, and again after they called to tell us it happened, I asked them if they would want to do an engagement shoot in Japan. Okay, maybe I kind of forced them, but who can say no to an opportunity to shoot in JAPAN?!? Luckily, they played along and I think the end product turned out pretty great!! 

Congratulations Carrie & Kyle!! Here's to more sake, sushi, Ticket to Ride, and welcoming new family into the mix! 

P.S. To all my loyal and not-so-loyal followers, there will definitely be a Japan travel blog, coming soon. And, by soon I mean sometime within 2018. Fingers Crossed