Sidi Bou Said, the Medina, and Carthage | Tunis, Tunisia

If y'all know me personally, you know that photography is not my only profession. During the week I am what you call a peacebuilder... yes, it's a profession and I list it as such on all of my doctor's office forms. 

At this job I have the pleasure of traveling to amazing places around the world, one of them being Tunis where we have a regional office and many of my colleagues (now friends) live. Actually, while I was in town, my colleague Marwa got engaged and we were able to do a fun session on the beach. 

Sidi Bou Said | Tunis, Tunisia | Maral Noori Photography | Travel Blog, Blogger Tips

I've been to Tunis five times now, including just this past September for another work trip. These photos, however, are from a trip in March when Brian was able to join me! It was his first time to an Arab country and North Africa. We took the opportunity--between him writing papers for his last semester or grad school and me working--to explore a bit of what Tunis has to offer (which is a lot). 

Truthfully, it was my fourth trip to Tunis and my first time to Carthage, second time to the Medina, and 100th time to Sidi Bou Said (but first time where I got some photos of myself with some of my favorite things---DOORS). 

Also, some more portrait practice with Brian. 

With breathtaking views and amazing sunsets, we couldn't help the impromptu photoshoot at the tip of Sidi Bou Said. Of course, we weren't alone, many others had their cell phones and selfie sticks out. 

Sidi Bou Said is at the tip of Tunis on the Mediterranean sea. The neighborhood is not only a tourist hub, but frequented by locals visiting its excellent restaurants and taking in the sights. My favorite part...the doors. ALL THE DOORS. 

After exploring Sidi Bou Said, we went to one of the many amazing restaurants up there, La Villa Bleue. They have a great back deck with a view you can't beat, especially at sunset. The appetizers were delicious, and if I could decorate my home like they did the inside of their know I would. 

Haha, okay. Maybe we spoiled ourselves a little! 

Brian and I stayed in the Lac 2 neighborhood. We went to The Big Apple every morning for my cappuccino fix. The owners were great, and even remembered me when I was back in town (five months later)! Definitely stop by if you are looking for a real Lavazza espresso and friendly faces. 

That weekend, I pulled Brian away from his studies to keep exploring Tunis. We headed about 30 minutes out of the Lac 2 neighborhood where we were staying to the city center Medina! A must see and do... especially if you want to experience the local culture and plan to shop for some rugs (like I did...two big ones). 

In the Medina, you need to find your way to Fondouk el Attarine. Not only is the space breathtaking and extremely Instagrammable, the food is delicious, and there is a store with a variety of well-made souvenirs. Like most Tunisian restaurants, they bring you the menu written on a chalk board straight to your table. I made Brian order a typically Tunisian brick (a fried phyllo dough pocket with an over-easy egg inside that you squeeze a lemon over) as well as traditional lamb Cous Cous! 

Before leaving we purchased a personalized plate for Brian's sister whose birthday was coming up. 

Later that weekend my wonderful, sweet friends gave Brian and I a ride to Carthage. It was my fourth time in Tunis and first time to the must-see historic site, founded in the 9th century B.C. I can't start to tell you its history, but it's impressive and you should see it for yourself.

Right next door to the Carthage museum is the Acropolium, a beautiful cathedral. 

As you can tell from the photo, Brian was totally into the history and telling me all about everything. I enjoyed it, and gotta say, I kinda of really love this nerd. Especially traveling with him. 

If you are planning a visit or have any questions, please reach out! Leave a comment below, or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook