A Versailles Morning | France | February 2018

The best part of this trip was being on it with Brian. It was our first big, international trip since getting married a few months before. We got super lucky being able to visit one of the most romantic cities in the world!

While I had been to the Château de Versailles once before (2010), it was the summer, super busy with all of the tourists, and we ultimately decided to just explore the gardens and have lunch. This time, I asked Brian to go inside with me. I’m glad we did - though Marie Antoinette’s apartment was under renovation and it had snowed recently so the gardens were just muddy.

In the end - it was a great visit. And if you go, I recommend a guided tour, lunch in the gardens, and visiting the main street (Rue Royale) before heading back to Paris.

We used Google Maps to plan out our train to Versailles and were easily able to purchase a roundtrip ticket at the station. It was a nice 45 minute trip. I especially enjoyed it because you can see another part of Paris if you look out the window. You can use your ticket at any time to return to the city - not having to worry about arriving at the station at an exact time. Easy peasy!

Of course I had to take photos of the doors.

That green wall paper above was amazing - and made with velvet.

The ceiling below was from the Palace cathedral.

The Hall of Mirrors is amazing. Make sure to take your time and take in all the details! There are 357 mirrors, of which many are still originals from the 17th century, and at the time were the symbol of luxury.

The entire visit took about a half a day. After taking the train back, we got dinner with a friend at a traditionally French restaurant that I don’t have any photos from but highly recommend.

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  • Château de Versailles - we bought our tickets through Guidatours and were easily able to find the meeting location and skipped the lines getting in.

  • Visit the Versailles Gardens after the tour and go exploring - especially if the weather is nice. I don’t believe visiting the gardens cost money so many pack a picnic and take it with you! If not, there is a cafe we visited in 2010 that was nice too.

  • Take a walk down Rue Royale. We got the area early so we went do the boulangerie for a snack. Worth it!

  • Dinner in Paris at Le Bistrot Du Perigord - it was delicious and worth the price!

MY #1 TIP: I highly recommend you do what I do and open all the above in our Google Maps account and save them! When you are in Paris you can quickly open up your map app and find the recommendations closest to you - making travel so much easier and laid back!