Luke, Angela, and Lincoln | Winter Family Portraits | Cosca Park, Maryland

While I'm not the biggest fan of waking up early and leaving my husband and warm bed, I can't hate it too much when the end result is gorgeous MORNING LIGHT!! The best part is that each time it is different and as a photographer I get to play around and make images that are unique to each client's location, outfit choice, and hour they and their family are willing to wake up for! In the end, you can't help but be obsessed with the calm haze and soft glare of early morning light. 

This family portrait session was no different, except this family was willing to get up and be out of the house, in the February cold before 7:30am. Not only did they make it, but their absolutely adorable, giggly nine-month old (Lincoln) was up and ready to party!! He was in the greatest spirits, laughing up a storm, and taking the cold like a champ (note his red nose and cheeks). Huge should out to Angela for dressing him up in the cutest bear hats!! 

Y'all, this family means a lot to me. Luke and I go way back, like all the way back to 2005 in high school when we were both unsure of what our futures would look like. He was always a great friend, joyful spirit, and someone you always wanted around. This guy is amazing, he is an Emmy nominated editor!! He's not the only talented creative in the family, Angela owns and runs a graphic design company where she sells prints that I highly recommend for everyone's Instagram worthy shelf.

I'm so glad that we've stayed in touch, and can't wait to see what their future holds. I'm already so late in posting these images that these are Lincoln throwbacks!  


How cute are Lincoln's little bear hats?