We're Engaged!!

It was the day after Thanksgiving and I had woken up at 3am to watch the new season of Gilmore Girls with my sister, and we were tired from the preparations and clean up of hosting over 40 people at my parent's house the day before. 

That afternoon Brian and I drove nearly two hours down to the College of William and Mary for an engagement session. En route, I had to stop to buy a charger as I had left mine at home. Little did I know that this pit stop--I spent 30 minutes drooling over equipment I don't have...yet--was exactly what Brian needed. 

When we got to campus, Brian asked me to take a walk. "Where is the that bridge?" he asked referring to The Crim Dell Bridge on campus (see picture below). As I started walking towards it, the one way I know how to, he goes...is there another way to get to it?

That's when I knew...


I started to get nervous and when we arrived at the bridge I stood there and awkwardly took some photos, saying that I needed to "check the lighting."

That's when Brian laughed at me and said, "do you want to come on the bridge with me?" I was nervous, but Brian was so confident.

He was sweet and the proposal was perfect. 

And I cried, and cried, and cried while my glasses fogged up. 

Turns out Brian had gotten my sister, cousin, and my sister's friend to hide in the trees to take photos and a video. They sped down the road while I was in the photo shop, to get out ahead of us. 

So excited for what the future has to hold for us two, including our first hurdle, planning a wedding!

Thank you to everyone who had gave a helping hand with this. Brian's parents for helping him pick out a ring and delivering it to him. Blair's Jewelry & Gifts for designing and making the ring. My friends for helping him pick the perfect proposal location. And my sister, cousin, and sister's friend for capturing the moment. And to everyone else who had anything to do with this! Love you all, thank you! 

Ring: Blairs Jewelry & Gifts