Marwa and Hedi | Yüka | Tunis, Tunisia Engagement Session

I just returned from my fifth work trip to Tunis. I know, I'm super lucky. One of the best parts of Tunis is my co-workers! They are the greatest and make work challenges so much better. 

This past Saturday my colleague, and now friend, Marwa got engaged to her fiancé, Hedi. In Tunisian tradition, the family of the groom go to the bride's family's house to meet each other, express their desire for and acceptance of the engagement, and to enjoy a meal together!

During the week before, I got to see Marwa get excited and nervous for the upcoming meeting. You could see how happy and in love she was. I could also see how nervous she was about not only the parents meeting for the first time, but getting engaged! She knew it was coming but was still filled with butterflies! She spent the whole week shopping for the perfect dress. I later learned that Hedi, however, was totally chill and relaxed going into the family meeting and ultimate engagement.

I tried to reassure Marwa, sharing that even though I knew an engagement was pending, and in the last 5 minutes before being proposed to I knew it was coming, I was still super nervous and freaked out! Even later, when Brian and his family came over to my parents' house for a formal khastegari (when the suitor's family go to the potential bride's house to ask for her hand), I was nervous. Mind you, we were already engaged with the congratulations and blessings of all family members.

Needless to say, I think Marwa and I are going to be the wedding day nervous types... and in my case, it will probably come with tears! 

For their engagement session we went after work to the Gammarth neighborhood of Tunis, to go to Yüka Bar where there was a beautiful sunset and easy access to the shore. 

Her laughter and smile are mesmerizing! 

I love love love her HAIR. Seriously, in every shot, it's perfect. 

We later hung out at the bar where we enjoyed some gin and tonics, Celtia (the go-to and refreshing Tunisian beer), and some snacks. What I love about drinking in Europe and North Africa is that every drink order comes with some free snacks! Crackers, olives, popcorn, and more!

It was an afternoon of love, as illustrated by this neon sign which says hubb--love in Arabic. 

Keep an eye out for an upcoming travel blog post on my latest trip to Tunis, with some must-sees, must-eats, and all some must-have tips!