Aileen and Max | Haw River Ballroom Wedding | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Y'all, I am so excited to share this wedding. I've known Aileen for nearly over 8 years now and oh how time flies by. As noted in their engagement session post, we met at The College of William and Mary. We were both in Kappa Delta and lived together in house our last year. 

This was the first full-blown, 8 hour coverage, drive to another state, be the main photographer wedding I've done since setting up my website in September and pursuing photography as a serious side business. 

I cannot tell you how magical Aileen and Max's wedding day was. When I say Aileen is the most beautiful person inside and out, you may not believe me, but you MUST. She is the sweetest, has the most amazing smile (all the time), and I can count on one hand how many times I've seen her get mad in the 8 years I've known her. And Max, he makes you feel like his best friend from the moment you meet him! He gives the warmest hugs and despite it being his engagement session or wedding day, wants to make sure you feel comfortable and are taken care of! 

It makes me so happy to see a good friend find such a thoughtful, caring, and friendly person to spend the rest of her life with. 

Aileen & Max | DC & Virginia Wedding Photographer | Maral Noori Photography

This whole wedding was so much fun!

It was a perfect blending of modern, Jewish, and Catholic cultures, including a first look, the Ketubah (Jewish prenuptial agreement) signing, dual officiants of both faiths, the chuppah, being wrapped in the Reverend's cassock, and my favorite part, the HORAH, a traditional Jewish wedding dance. I cannot put into words how amazing this dance was. It started with the music that is familiar to all of us, people holding hands and dancing in a circle, and then the chairs arrived. First they put Aileen and a chair and raised her into the air, and she was soon joined by Max. Everyone got into the fun, including both of their parents, and some of the little girls!

Here is a video I found to give you all an idea, but it is definitely more fun when you are there in person. Of course, there are plenty of photos of Aileen and Max in the air below!

I came away from this wedding feeling so much better about my own upcoming inter-faith/inter-cultural wedding. I also came away really really really wanting to incorporate the Horah into our wedding!

(Get ready Brian!) 

Aileen & Max | DC & Virginia Wedding Photographer | Maral Noori Photography | Haw River Ballroom
Aileen & Max | DC & Virginia Wedding Photographer | Maral Noori Photography | Haw River Ballroom

The details were so well thought out! Aileen borrowed her mom's beautiful pearl bracelet, and used her grandmother's vintage beaded clutch (which her mother and sister also used in their weddings)! 

Aileen, her bridesmaids, and the mothers started getting ready at The Franklin Hotel in downtown Chapel Hill. 

Did you see her mom's reaction to seeing her all dressed up? Priceless! 

Their first look was just as sweet! Aileen was so nervous, but Max was as cool as a cucumber.

At least he seemed to be! 

How gorgeous is Aileen? That BHLDN dress and that bouquet!! 

And then, the Horah dance began! My favorite part!! 

Congratulations again you two!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day! 

A special shout out to all of the wedding vendors