Kate and Anup | Rixey Manor Wedding | Culpeper, Virginia

When I arrived to Rixey Manor for this wedding, my breath was taken away. This place was idyllic, sitting atop a hill with a pond in the field across from it. Beyond the venue, every detail of this wedding was perfect. From the flowers, to the bridesmaids dresses, to the flawless dipped kisses. 

Kate and Anup got ready on the top floor of the manor, just feet away from each other. Despite the smiles on their faces, you could tell that they were both a little nervous. You could feel these nerves disappear when they finally got to see, kiss, and embrace each other at the first look. 

From the mid-portrait dance break, to walking down the hill to feed the horses, to the sparkler exit, the whole day was beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Kate and Anup are together. I still can't believe that I got to capture their love story! Twice!  

Wishing you two the best of luck in all of your future endeavors (and can't wait to hang out now as just friends)!! 

Rixey Manor Wedding | Maral Noori Photography | June | Virginia Photographer
Rixey Manor Wedding | Maral Noori Photography | June | Virginia Photographer
Rixey Manor Wedding | Maral Noori Photography | Ring Detials | Virginia Photographer
Rixey Manor Wedding | Maral Noori Photography | Perfume Green Ribbon Details | Virginia Photographer

Kate's cousin is a florist and designed all the centerpieces, floral decorations, and her gorgeous bouquet. 

Rixey Manor Wedding | Maral Noori Photography | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Kate made Anup's draw drop at the first look. Really, there is proof below.

His reaction makes my heart flutter!! 

These Jenny Yoo Inesse dresses are to die for. I love how they are mix matched and look so good agains this backdrop! 

There was a lot of planning that went into bridging two cultures into one wedding. Anup is from India, so the couple worked hard to adapt and incorporate Hindu traditions into their ceremony, they included:

  • The oldest uncle, Kishor, who presented a mangalsutra necklace to Kate as symbol of their marriage, similar to the western exchange of rings. In Hindu tradition, the mangalsutra is worn for the long life of the husband by a married woman. Anup's parents gifted Kate this necklace from India, which can be worn for traditional Indian celebrations.
  • Five of Anup's cousins and aunts performed the pancha maha bhuta or aarti, also known as the five great elements (space, earth, fire, wind, water). In Hindu tradition this ceremony is done to bless the auspicious event. A deeya, or candle, is lit to provide light and dispel darkness as family members pray over the marriage ceremony. This ceremony is performed for many religious ceremonies and was performed at Anup's parents' wedding.
  • Towards the end of the ceremony, Kate and Anup exchanged varmala (garlands), which symbolize the acceptance and union of their nuptials. 

PERSONAL NOTE: As someone who is in the midst of bridging two cultures for my own upcoming wedding, I can tell you...it is NOT EASY. However, they did is flawlessly and I aspire to do it as well.


A special shout out to all of the wedding vendors