Jenna & Lee | Winter Engagement | Old Town Alexandria Virginia

Y'all, I'm starting to get sad. This is my last east coast engagement session for a long time! Jenna is a photographer herself and came down with Lee from Pennsylvania for this session. I'm so glad they were willing to deal with the early January cold! They were definite troopers, and even dealt with an hour break in the middle where we warmed up, had coffee, and they did an outfit change. They even listened to me as I shared my whole life store (easy for my extroverted personality to do on a first meeting)! 

We began photos on the waterfront, and made our way through all my favorite parts of Old Town. From the brick alley way, to the Carlyle House. I'm going to miss our hometown, but am super excited to explore our new "hometown"!  

Luckily, I get to return to the East Coast this September for Jenna and Lee's certain to be gorgeous fall wedding. For now, enjoy the below and leave them some love!!