It's Our First Anniversary!!

You know those people… the ones that say time flies?

I am now one of those people, and it definitely makes me feel old. I’m seriously trying to figure out how it’s already been two years since Brian proposed, and exactly a year since got married!

Brian, my love, there is no one else I’d rather spend my Sundays with cooking a late afternoon meal, my evenings with watching Netflix, or my mornings with laughing hysterically with our eyes half shut. Thank you for promising to take on this adventure with me, and sticking out the craziest first year. From a cross-country move, to two international trips, and new jobs in a new state with really long ballots, I’m glad it was you I chose to tackle it all. I can’t wait for everything life has to hold (just hoping for a few less moves, and a bit more Netflix nights at home).

Remember that time I surprised you with a first edition of a strategic arms control book on our wedding day? I knew that for you, this is the most romantic of gifts.

Our day wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without the best friends and family who helped us get ready and celebrate!

And then… our first look. I was freaking out, and I think you were a bit nervous too.

Before the ceremony I was fine. We did our first look, took photos, laughed together, and were ready to party. But the moment I saw all my friends walk down the aisle, the ring bearers perfectly holding their signs, and the flower girl perfectly sprinkle her flowers (which I wasn’t expecting because she was only three years old), my nerves and excitement got the best of me and I broke down in tears.

Thus - I ugly cried all the way down the aisle.

Thank you for helping to put together a mixture of Persian and American traditions for our own special ceremony, being enthusiastic every time my mom and I showed you an option set up of our traditional Persian Sofreh, and even agreeing to dip your pinky in honey and feed it to me in front of our family and friends! I’m sure we got exactly what we were supposed to from it, good luck and all the sweetness life has to bring!

Maybe it’s why I bake so much?

Finally, thank you for not smashing cake in my face. I knew you could read my mind.

Love you boo joon.

A special shout out to all of our wonderful wedding vendors